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Improve Your Golf Game #2

Friday, July 24, 2020



Golf posture is key for reducing golf related injury and improving your game! Having the correct set-up posture when addressing your ball will allow you more range of motion and increase your swing speed to improve your distance and control. The picture below highlights the difference between good and bad postures. The key aspect for preventing injury is not rounding or arching your back to much but keeping a nice straight spine.

Perfect Golf Posture: 3 Easy Steps | Free Online Golf Tips Perfect Golf Posture: 3 Easy Steps | Free Online Golf Tips


Here is a breakdown of the specifics of each joint position and how your weight should be distributed during a proper golf set up.

  1. 20-45 deg of forward tilt from the hips keeping your back straight
  2. Heels shoulder width apart
  3. Knees bent 15-30 deg
  4. 50-65% of weight shifted to trail leg
  5. Weight from midfoot to the balls of the feet
  6. Slight side bending to the trail side
  7. Slight flexion of the upper back and neck
  8. Arms hang straight down to the ground
  9. Lead arm straight but relaxed
  10. Trail arm slightly bent
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