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Friday, January 8, 2021

Winter weather is upon us and its always important to remember to be prepared.  As you begin to think of what you may need or want in a situation keep these things in mind and make a small safe kit for your home/car. 

*SHOE SPIKES- you can get these online or from a local farm store usually.  This will allow you to walk and not slip-on ice as bad.  When getting out of your car remember to step out with both feet not just one.

*MEDICATION – how full is your medication?  Do you have enough if a storm would blow in? 

*FOOD– Do you have enough food at home or some snacks in your car incase you get stranded? 

*WATER – yes water.  Do you have enough bottled water in your house and car incase you are in need or are unable to   have running water? 

*BATTERIES/FLASHLIGHTS – You don’t know when mother nature may turn out the lights or if you must walk to find help a flashlight is a must for your car and home. 

*SMOKE DETECORS/CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTORS – Do you have one?  These are very important to have with heaters running or small space heaters going. 

*WHISTLE– A easy item to keep in the car with little room to take up to help call out for help if you get stranded. 

*FIRST AID KIT – Do you have one in your car and home?  These are great to have to help with anything that comes up and handy.

*ICE MELT IN A BAGGIE – to have a little in your car and for at home with stairs and sidewalks.  To keep a small amount in your car will allow you to sprinkle some outside your door if it is slick.  When you come back out from your trip into the store the ice melt will allow for not as slick of a step.

* CANDLES & MATCHES – Help to light the room if not power and helps to light a car or start a fire if you must leave a vehicle in a situation.

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