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Improve Your Golf Game

Tuesday, July 21, 2020


Warming up properly before hitting the first tee box will not only help prevent injury and post round soreness, but it can also improve your game! By performing a good dynamic warm-up routine, you are preparing your body to move freely and swing faster. The warm-up does not have to take a lot of time either. You can do a quick 5 minutes of exercise to prepare your body. Here are some good warm-up exercises that I do before my round.

Lat Stretch - 10 repetitions to both side

Elbow Saws - 10 reaches with each arm

W Turns - 10 turns to each side while holding a golf club across your shoulders

Deep Squats - perform 5 repetitions to each side while holding a golf club for stability

Leg Swings Forward – 10 repetitions with each leg while holding a golf club for stability

After you have completed these exercises it is a good idea to do 15-20 tempo swings to put all the movements together before hitting your first shot! This is the first post in a series of ways to improve your golf game, so check back next week to learn more!

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