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Massage Therapy

At Cozad Community Physical Therapy a licensed massage therapist that is board certified is able to perform Swedish massage treatments, Hot Stone Massage, and Medi-Cupping to provide needed relief. Massages are provided per the clients specific goals. With an inviting area anyone is able to escape the stress of the day for a 30 or 60 minute treatment.

Swedish Massage – Use of several basic massage strokes to help increase blood flow, facilitate fluid draining, and ease tight or tired muscles.

Hot Stone Massage – Use of smooth stones that are heated to give extra warmth to a basic massage.

Medi-Cupping – Use of suction cups placed on the body to lift tissues as it moves or holds over the body to allow for increased blood flow, soften scars/adhesions, facilitate fluid draining, decreases muscle dysfunction and pain.

Cozad Community Physical Therapy
With our new facility, we can provide you with individualized plans to help you heal.
Cozad Community Physical Therapy
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Cozad Community Physical Therapy
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