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Monday, September 24, 2018

Brett Kollars, PT, DPTCozad Community Physical Therapy is happy to announce that Brett Kollars, PT, DPT is certified to perform Selective Functional Movement Assessments. The Selective Functional Movement Assessment or SFMA is a comprehensive assessment used to classify movement patterns and identify regions for further testing. The SFMA was developed by physical therapists who wanted to standardize how PT’s assess patients’ movement to better understand the cause of their pain. The SFMA was developed from the idea of regional interdependence. Regional interdependence refers to the concept that seemingly unrelated problems in one area of the body contribute to or are associated with the patient’s primary complaint.

What does this mean for our patients? This means that Brett will not only be able to treat the area of pain that you are currently having, but can more easily find the cause for that pain. It is important to find the cause of the pain to quickly reduce the pain and decrease the risk of recurrence.  The SFMA finds the cause with a head to toe assessment of movement that allows the clinician to find all areas of restriction or poor motor control that contribute to your pain. Another benefit for the patient is that there will be a record of all the body areas that have restrictions, so that we can then address them once the primary complaint is resolved through a home exercise program or further treatment. By doing this we can reduce the chance of other problems in the future.

If you have tried physical therapy, chiropractic or have been to several doctors in the past without much resolution of your pain, the SFMA is a great option for you. It is likely that these previous treatments only focused on the area of your pain and missed the true cause of that pain. By performing a full body assessment of your movement we may find problem areas that are not painful that are the true cause of your pain. If you are interested in trying the SFMA call Cozad Community Physical Therapy to set up an appointment with Brett.

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